Why Plan for Christmas in July

Although it should be a joyous occasion, Christmas can be a very stressful time of year for many folks. If the added expenses do not put folks in a funk, the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping and fighting the crowds in the stores will usually do the trick. Getting started in July can help you to have a more joyous holiday season by relieving some of the financial burden of Christmas, and it can also help ensure you will not be dealing with the crowds of holiday shoppers, all searching out the perfect gifts. When you begin to plan for Christmas in July, there are many advantages.

One benefit of starting your Christmas planning in July is that you can look for inexpensive gifts at yard sales, garage sales, and in classified ads. Maybe your brother is an art collector, and you discover something that will suit him perfectly. On the other hand, perhaps your sister collects antiques, and you find an eight-track tape player you know she would love to receive. During the summer, you can find some great bargains at yard sales, garage sales, and in classified ads, and keep the gifts put up in a safe place until December. You can also find cost efficient things to use in making homemade gifts, such as mason jars, ribbon, and fabric, among many other bargains. When the winter months arrive, yard sales and garage sales are no longer an option. When you have time to really search for those bargains, shopping for gifts can be fun, just as it is supposed to be.

When you start planning for Christmas in July, it gives you time to make your gifts homemade, which will save you money. Homemade gifts are not only less expensive, they are often more personal, and are extremely special to the recipient of the homemade gift. If you begin in July, think of how many gifts you could make, and how much it will help with the added expenses that the holiday season brings.

In July, many second hand thrift stores will put out their wrapping paper, and gently used scissors and Christmas decorations and ornaments. If you are going to need these things for the holiday season, and most folks will, go to your local second hand stores and look around. Sometimes the items will even be on a big table, all in the same area. If you go check out the second hand stores in July, you will get the best selection of Christmas items, at a very cheap cost.

You should always think ahead about holiday parties that you might be throwing, or ones you may be attending. Budget stores often have great party supplies, wine glasses, holiday bags, inexpensive party favors, holiday cookie cutters, and much, much more available in July. Budget stores often start shelving their holiday merchandise in July, so shopping early will prevent you from having to pick through what is left during the holiday season, and it will also enable you to avoid holiday crowds in December.

Finding your party dresses in July will also save you time and money. Discount racks are often full of treasures. Clothing stores will often mark down the prices of their winter attire in the summertime, giving you the opportunity to get your Christmas party dresses early at a much cheaper price. Keep you eyes open for discount shoes, boots, and purses, as well. The same rules usually apply with these items. The winter shoes, boots, and purses are often available in July, at a discounted price.

With early forethought and careful planning, Christmas can actually be a relaxing time of the year. Shopping and planning in July will not only save you stress and save money, it can also allow you more time to spend with your family and loved ones during the holiday season. While others are out at the last minute, fighting crowds, and spending huge sums of money, you can be home with your family, your gifts and necessities already purchased and wrapped. When you start planning your Christmas in July, you are doing yourself a huge favor.