How to make your own Nativity Scene

Now that the holiday season is coming around again, you may be wondering how you and your family can creatively decorate your home. If you want your decorative accents to have a religious or spiritual feel, you may want to consider purchasing a Nativity scene for your home or yard. Here are some suggestions for creative ways to display your Nativity scene, as well as some of the best places to purchase the figurines that you want.

The Nativity setup is a popular one during the holidays because it displays the scene immediately following the birth of Christ to the Virgin Mary. Traditional scenes will include the baby Jesus lying in a manger filled with hay, while Mary is positioned next to the manger kneeling or looking down lovingly at the baby. Some Nativity scenes that you can purchase may also include Joseph, the man that Mary was betrothed to. Animals, such as sheep and cows are also included in some figurine sets, in order to indicate that the birth of Jesus took place in a barn-like setting.

Christmas Nativity Scene
In addition to the animals, there are also more characters that can sometimes be added to the Nativity scene. The three wise men or the Magi as they are sometimes called, are the men that came from a far away land in order to witness the arrival of the baby Jesus. And, some figurine sets will also include a Little Drummer Boy; while this young boy is not mentioned in the Bible, the famous Christmas carol tells the story of a little boy that heard about the birth of the baby Jesus and wanted to see it for himself.

You can purchase Nativity figurines in glass or crystal that you can display in your living room or dining room table, or you can find pieces that can be used for outdoor decoration. Be sure to check out stores like Walmart or Kmart to find great Nativity scenes that are affordable and can be used for more than one year. The smaller sets will also make great gifts, and some of the sets even come with a manger that you can set up to make the scene look even more real. Larger parts that will make up the scene may also come with built-in lights, so that the neighbors will be able to enjoy the great holiday scenery that you have put together as well.

If you want to find collectible Nativity materials that will look wonderful in the family room, or valuable pieces that are worth a substantial amount of money and could become family heirlooms, you may want to check out sites such as eBay to find Nativity figures that are hundreds of years old. This will add a vintage-like feel to your holiday decorations, and will make the season even more special.

Happy shopping!