How to Have a Merry Family Christmas

The Christmas season is theoretically a time of togetherness and cheer, but the holidays can on occasion be a hassle for most families. From making travel arrangements to buying gifts and preparing for guests, you could find yourself a little stressed during this season. Here are some tips on how you and your family can have a merry Christmas, even if you have to drive half way across the country to visit grandmas.

Give Creative Christmas Gifts

All too often, we get so caught up with Christmas cards and wrapping gifts that we forget that spending time with those we love is what the holiday season is really all about. Make sure that the gifts you give are a reflection of the care you have for the person receiving the gift. This will give you more room to be creative, instead of following trends. And, your great ideas can go beyond getting your little brother a baseball bat (because he loves sports), or buying your mom a new pair of pearl earrings (because she likes ‘nice things’). If you know that your little brother has also become interested in science lately, why not get him a free pass to a science museum in the area, along with an interactive science project he can put together at home? Alternatively, present your mom with her pearl earrings, encased in a Christmas ornament you made yourself that she can keep for the tree. These are the type of gifts that folks remember, and the creativity you show is really just another way of expressing your love.
Have a merry family christmas

Chistmas Activities for the Whole Family

Another familiar situation is where families get together during the Christmas season and do, well, nothing. Eating, stopping children from breaking things in the home, and drinking hot cocoa before bed do not count as activities. While it is great to be able to take time and relax during the holidays, especially on Christmas day, make sure that you have at least a few activities planned that everybody in the family will enjoy. These activities do not have to be expensive in order for you to have a Merry Christmas. You can take the kids out to the tree farm to pick out the Christmas tree, or you can take the family out for a night of ice-skating. Even simple things like taking everybody out for a holiday movie will break the monotony of sitting around the house and asking everybody, from the youngest to the oldest member of the family, for their input on which holiday activities to participate in, will keep everyone happy.

Take Time to De-Stress

If you are having family and friends over for the holidays, or if you are going to be out of town for Christmas, make sure that, you use the day before, and a few days after, to unwind and clear your head from the commotion. Having a merry Christmas largely depends on your ability to be stress-free, because when you are in a better mood, you are able to have much more fun with your loved ones doing simple things. So, take a minute for meditation or a short walk to calm down before entertaining guests or taking the kids out for a holiday activity.

Most of all, have a Merry Christmas!