Homemade Christmas Arts and Crafts

It is true to say that some folk were born to create since they have the knack of taking simple everyday materials and turning them into decorative and occasionally useful trinkets and baubles. Even if you do not think that you have the gift, making your own homemade Christmas crafts will give you pride and joy along with a sense of achievement. There always seems to be a need for something whether it is a space on your shelf to fill or the need to add some color to your home. Even if you normally have an perfectly decorated house, when different holidays come up, it is time to change those decorations to fit the season.

Christmas arts and crafts are especially fun because the holiday season is filled with such a spirit of love and happiness. Whether you are making something for yourself or you are helping your children to wait patiently for Christmas to arrive, there are loads of things waiting to be created during the holiday season.

One thing that many households can make use of is a doorstop. While carrying in the Christmas tree, it is nice not to have to worry about the front door breaking branches or uncomfortably slamming into you or your helpers. A cinder block is not very attractive by itself, but with a little help from you, it can become an endearing and helpful snowman . . . and doorman! Start with some latex paint. Paint the cinder block white and let it dry. When it is dry, add some eyes, a mouth and some buttons down the front. If you would like, you may also paint on mittens and boots. Another option is to glue sticks to the sides and put real mittens on the ends of them. A pointed stick painted orange can be hot-glued on for a nose. To finish off your snowman, put a colorful hat on his head and put him outside where he will be the most comfortable.

Homemade Christmas Craft Pin Cushion

Quick and Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Children’s arts and crafts are also a lot of fun. A simple paper chain made with red, green, and white paper is a good way for a youngster to count down the days until Christmas. Just cut construction paper into strips of one and a half inches by four inches. Staple or tape them into a chain of loops with each loop representing one day. Each day your child wakes up, she can rip off one loop and plainly see how much longer is left until Christmas. To add to this simple art project, you can have your little one write messages on the inside of the loops. Maybe you will have her write down things she is thankful for so she can remember one each day. Maybe you will have her write down another craft project to be done so that your house will be fully decorated by Christmas.

Children are also very good at making ornaments. Some kits are available of wooden ornaments in holiday shapes, ready to be painted. You can also buy clay that your children can use to make their own holiday themed ornaments. Look for clay that can be baked in your oven so that when the ornaments are finished, you will be able to keep them forever. Having your child decorate a picture of her self is also a fun ornament idea, as well as a great way to boost self-esteem. You will want supplies like doilies, colored paper, glue, sequins and glitter. Using the paper to make a frame for his picture, your child can then decorate that frame with Christmas colors.

Arts and crafts are certainly not just for kids, but they are enjoyable for all ages. Look around your house and I am sure you will see a need for something. Every house could use a little more color, a few more ornaments on the tree or a practical item that needs to also look good. Making things, yourself will give you a sense of ownership and acknowledgement of your abilities that you thought you never had before. Remember that everybody has different taste and style. When you make the things that decorate your house, you get to decide exactly how they will look. So, get out the paint, scissors, markers, and glue. Call the kids and have a great time getting ready for the Christmas holiday season.