Home Decorating Ideas for the Christmas Season

You know that it is getting close to Christmas as soon as the first day of November arrives and all the major department stores start decorating for the holiday season. The first things that spring to mind is where did the year go so quickly and then thoughts on how you will decorate your own house this Christmas season. Perhaps you will opt for the same as last year or maybe you would like to do something different to bring a little extra holiday cheer to your home. With a few tried and tested ideas together with some fun and interesting ones, you can combine holiday decorating ideas into a beautiful and welcoming home this year. The first thing to think about is the tree, but then there are also do-it-yourself ideas and experiments with food to try.

The Christmas tree is the central piece to any holiday decorations. Whether you choose a real tree or an ornamental one and whether it is miniature tree or touching the ceiling, the options are the same. Some folks choose to decorate elegantly with matching bulbs and clear lights. These trees range from simple to gaudy, but tend to look the same in each family’s home year after year.

If it is time to change the decorations on your tree, call in the troops. Children offer excellent, quality help when it comes to decorating for Christmas. Let go of the urge for symmetry and have your kids get out the craft supplies. They will use bright color and exceptional creative impulses. With clay, paper, popcorn and candy canes, you and your kids can spend a few afternoons in the months before Christmas making the tree decorations. With all of the variation and having nothing match, you will be surprised at how balanced and beautiful your tree will look.

If you did cut your tree, save the boughs that you trim from the bottom. Tree greens are very useful for additional decorations. You can use them to adorn the background for your nativity set, your miniature Christmas village or train set. Put the ends in water so the needles will stay on the branches for as long as possible. You can also use the greens to make your own wreaths. Lace them with lights or add flowers or holly for added color and interest.

As long as you do not leave them unattended, candles are also versatile decorative items that can be placed all over the house to create a warm atmosphere. In addition, try using colors and scents to enhance their usefulness in each room. With a hot-glue gun and candy-canes or holiday-themed miniatures, you can decorate your larger candles and candle holders. Making these decorations by yourself is a low-cost way to make your home beautiful. Greenery and candles have a relatively short lifespan, so you will be able to start fresh again next year.

One of the most useful and welcoming Christmas decorations is food. Placing decorative plates and bowls around your home full of fudge, candy canes and cookies says that you have some Christmas spirit. Not only will your guests appreciate a little snack, the Christmas goodies are colorful and add to your decorations. Cinnamon candy can be homemade and the glassy shards are bright red. Sugar cookies can be frosted in red, green, gold, and white. Fudge and other candies can be pressed with colored sugar. To minimize stale food, bake ahead of time and freeze what you do not put out on your plates. When guests will be arriving, simply pull out the frozen goodies a couple of hours ahead of time. As your guests wander through your gorgeous home nibbling, you will be sure to get many compliments on how cheery you have made it.

Every year the decorating for the holidays starts all over. You and your kids can get into the excitement when you use some creativity and imagine the kind of atmosphere you would like to have this Christmas. Sometimes it is nice to pull out the familiar decorations from years past, but every now and then, it can be fun to start from scratch. Trying out some disposable decorations such as Christmas greens, candles and snack food will ensure a fresh feeling in this year’s decorating. Use your imagination and have fun making your home ready for holiday entertaining and celebrations. Make the most of the small things and your efforts will be successful.