Gift Ideas for Dad on Christmas

In years gone by, a large majority of men would wear a necktie, no matter where they worked. However, times change as does fashion and buying a tie or other such attire, as a Christmas gift for your dad does not really cut it anymore. In the modern world that we live in today, gadgets and technology are the name of the game when it comes to holiday gift ideas.

A new computer is one of the most obvious choices. Apple has a new line of Mac notebooks that cannot be beaten. With dual-core CPUs, fast video and larger than ever memory capacity, these lightweight and super fast laptops can be near the top of anybodies list.

Of course, computers are used today in many places other than just the home office. They have gone global. Whether traveling on the trail or in the car, a GPS unit with mapping ability can make sure dad never gets lost. Available in a range of prices, sizes and feature sets, they can chart a course through the forest or across town. They may be the only cure known for a refusal to ask directions.

Gift Ideas for Dad on Christmas

More and more dads are getting into gaming. Official sources estimate that over fifty percent of male computer users between the ages of twenty-five and forty play one or more computer games at least weekly. Computer games can be played standalone, but an increasingly popular option is an Internet game. Many of them require paid subscriptions to join a group that provides the kind of competition dad thrives on.

Golf clubs are still a favorite among many. The new models may look much like those from the days of Arnold Palmer, but they are as advanced as any modern computer. Calloway, Taylor Made and other major manufacturers have gone high tech. Made from materials, that in Jack Nicklaus’ day, would have been kept top secret, these clubs include the latest composites. That gives them the kind of solid elasticity that makes a three hundred yard shot almost as easy as a thirty-foot putt.

There is of course the humble watch for the man who has everything. Although timepieces are everywhere, thanks to PCs and cell phones, most men still wear a wristwatch. These days, the choice of styles is bigger than ever. You can reach back to the past and get a fine antique pocket watch of the type that used to be the only possible choice. Alternatively, you can go ultra-high tech and select an atomic wristwatch that synchronizes the time to within one millionth of a second per century.

Wine or beer is always a good option. Most men enjoy one or the other, or maybe even both. Go further than that special single bottle, though, and get a subscription to a Wine of the Month or Beer of the Month club. They provide a huge and ever changing selection from all over the world at prices, you cannot find at the store.

Of course, if all else fails, there is still the old standby of good socks. Ties may have gone out of fashion, but most dads still wear something on their feet besides shoes. Pick a design that will tell him you know what he likes. That is assuming that you can just figure out what that is…