Creative Christmas Lights Ideas

If you are trying to figure out how to decorate your home for the holidays, you will definitely want to add Christmas lights to the list of things you will need. There are a number of creative design ideas that you may want to use, and you will find plenty of places that will offer Christmas lights at discounted prices.

If you are going to be using Christmas lights on the outside of your home, you may want to trace the outline of your windows with lights that will look great at night. While white lights are common to use around the holidays, you can choose from red and green lights as well that will give your house a warm glow.

Christmas Lights on the TreeLining your door with Christmas lights will also give your home a welcoming feel, which is a large part of the holiday season.

If you are using the Christmas lights for smaller, understated accents, tiny bulbs are best, because they give the look of stars and can work with just about any part of the outside of your home. Larger lights are best if you are going to be decorating the rest of your yard with eye-catching decorations like reindeer or a nativity scene. This will make it easier for people in the neighborhood to see the work you and your family have put into making the holiday a little more special for your community, and will give the yard scene the look of a Broadway show.

Of course, you may also want to use Christmas lights for your tree. You can select lights that will blink on and off every few seconds, and colored lights will compliment the color-coded garnishes and ornaments you may have chosen. If you are using picture frame Christmas ornaments for the tree, you can also apply lights to the bottom of the frames to highlight the pictures you have selected of family or friends.

Christmas lights will also make great centerpieces for the tables you are going to be inviting loved ones over for holiday meals or festivities. You can use traditional holiday flowers like poinsettias for table decorations, and the Christmas lights can be woven around the vase that you are using or through the flowers in order to give the plant a great glow. You can even use things like marbles or large stones and place lights inside of them for a creative centerpiece that will be the topic of conversation at your next holiday get-together.

If you need more ideas for using the Christmas lights you bought last year, or want to find some great lights for a new design you want to try, you can check out sites such as Family Circle Magazine of Ladies Home Journal  for more great information.

Good luck!